US422 Corridor Master Plan Documents

Individual Chapter Downloads

Chapter 1: Introduction
Purpose of the Corridor Plan
The Nature of the Problem and Need for Better Planning
Plan Development
Stakeholder Coordination
Smart Corridor Themes
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Chapter 2: Analysis of Trends
Population, Housing and Employment Growth
Land Use Changes
Traffic Growth and Congestion
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Chapter 3: Assets, Constraints and Opportunities
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Chapter 4: Toward a Sustainable Future
Seeing the Future through Opportunities
The Trend
Toward a More Sustainable Alternative
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Chapter 5: Strategies for Sustainability and a Program for Plan Implementation
Strategies for Sustainability
Recommended Program Elements
Early Action Items
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Chapter 6: Moving Forward to a More Livable and Sustainable Future
A resolution to Endorse the Principles and Strategies of the US 422 Corridor Master Plan
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Steering Committee Membership
Project Consultants
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